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Owner of Angelo’s named Pa. Restaurateur of the Year for 2009

Michael Bradwell , The Observer Reporter – November, 2009 The Pennsylvania Restaurant Association has named Michael Passalacqua of Angelo’s Restaurant in Washington as the 2009 Restaurateur of the Year. According to a press release from the PRA, the prestigious award was presented in recognition of Passalacqua’s excellence in the culinary arts and for his generous […]

David Templeton’s Seldom Seen: A feast where you’d want it

David Templeton, Pittsburgh Post Gazette – November, 2004 News reports that Michael Passalacqua watched in 1993 showed shelters, churches and community centers serving Thanksgiving dinners to the indigent. And while these dinners reflected noble efforts to feed multitudes of homeless folks, it left him feeling twinges of despair to see volunteers ladling turkey glop onto […]

Passalacqua’s plate is full as head of Pa. restaurant lobby

Michael Bradwell , The Observer Reporter – November, 2002 It’s a midweek afternoon at Angelo’s Restaurant, and several members of the staff pass through the empty bar carrying equipment they’re moving from one part of the kitchen to another, preparing for the dinner crowd that will begin arriving in a few hours. Not long ago, […]

Amazing Angelo’s-Pittsburgh Magazine Ann Haigh

Ann Haigh, Pittsburgh Magazine – March, 1999 Happy 60th anniversary to Angelo’s Restaurant in “Little” Washington. What started as a small tavern opened by Angelo Passalacqua and his brother Carmel in March 1939, has evolved over the years into a thriving full-service restaurant – proud of its roots but attuned to current trends in food, […]